About Us

Shepherd was born during uncertain times as a result of the global pandemic. Millions around the world were forced go online, commit to a metaphorical home office lease and interact with their colleagues and customers via remote meetings.

Let's be honest, at first it was great... who doesn’t like rolling out of bed in their PJs, sliding on a pair of slippers and pouring a hot cup of coffee, before sifting through emails and getting the work day started?

But after a while, the novelty wears off and the frustrations with meetings begin to appear. More and longer meetings, no structure, no accountability, resulting in more meetings. Shepherd exists to help teams set and run more productive meetings, with everyone on the same page.

The Future of Work is bright ⚡

Meet our team

Jamie Gotz

Co-founder & CEO

Harald Lønsethagen

Co-founder & CTO

Ana Vizcarrondo


Pam Duursema

Product Designer

Tom Filmer

Head of Strategy & Operations

Asish Raju

Software Engineer

Strategic Advisors

Jan Grønbech

Ex-CEO, Google (Norway)

Mats André Kristiansen

Co-founder, Oda

Christian Owens

CEO, Paddle