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The perfect options for you and your team to supercharge your remote meetings.


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For starters

Real-time Collaborative & Private notes

Custom templates, tasks and @mentions

Unlimited members and invites

Shareable meeting summaries

Searchable notes (5 days past, 5 days future)

5 meeting notes per month

Single Sign-On (SSO)

$0 free forever

For superusers and teams

Everything in Free plan

Unlimited meeting notes

Unlimited searchable history

Private in-meeting chat and secrate notes

Team updates hub

Unlimited storage

Customer support - 24hr email/app support

$7 per seat / month

*No credit card details required

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Frequently Asked

What is Shepherd?

Shepherd is a collaboration app helping companies keep up with the Future of Work by leveraging the power of synchronous and asynchronous work. By integrating with the Google Calendar and video conferencing, the Shepherd sidebar makes it easy for teams to set and run productive meetings, all without leaving the video.

How does Shepherd work?

Open the sidebar by clicking on the Shepherd toggle button (right-hand side of your screen) and navigate to your meeting by using the calendar or the All notes tab. Before the call, add custom agendas or make use of our fancy / command shortcuts.
Then when you’re ready, join your meeting and collaborate with your team in real-time by taking notes and assigning action items. Share your notes instantly after the call using a variety of our integrations.

Is Shepherd free?

Yes! The Free plan includes all the features unlocked for individuals and teams. You have the option to upgrade, which includes advanced usage on meeting notes, unlimited search history and more.

Does Shepherd have a free trial?

Yes! Take our Premium plan for a 14 day free trial and unlock all our exclusive features. Once the trial is over, you'll automatically be downgraded to our Free plan.

What happens when my trial ends?

You’ll be downgraded to our Free plan automatically. You will be limited to a certain number of meetings and search capabilities, however, you can upgrade at anytime to access all our Premium features.

Is Shepherd for teams or individuals?

Both! Use Shepherd individually to supercharge your meetings or within your unified team to collaborate in meetings, assign and manage tasks, and much more! Start by inviting your team members here.

Can I use Shepherd to track tasks?

Yes! Simply create and assign tasks by navigating to the Tasks tab or use our shortcut @Mentions and selecting 'Create new task'. Add a task title and due date and hit 'Enter'!

Does Shepherd have integrations?

We currently integrate with Google Calendar and Meet, Zoom, Slack, Notion and Trello. We're hard at work getting many more integrations ready for you!

What plans does Shepherd offer?

We offer both a Free and Premium plan ($7 per month) to customers. Our Premium plan has a 14 day free trial, test it out here.

How is Shepherd protecting my data?

We take privacy and security very seriously, please select the page “Privacy Policy” to see a full and detailed list of our safety precautions.

Who can see my meeting notes?

In the “Shared notes” tab, all those invited to the meeting can see the notes and collaborate together. While the “My notes” tab is for your eyes only. If you have created a “Private note” during a meeting, all those attendees invited to the “Private note” note can see the notes and collaborate together.

How do I report a bug?

Open the Quick settings menu by clicking on your profile and select “Chat with us”. We know we are not perfect so your feedback is always much appreciated. Feel free to report any bugs here.

Can I use Shepherd on mobile?

Yes! Ever on the go and need to access shepherd? Head over to and sign in to access your account.

How to use Shepherd within my team?

Use the “Shared notes” tab to collaborate with your team by creating meeting agendas and taking notes. Create tasks and assign action items using our @mentions, these are all stored and received via our updates hub. When the meeting is over, share your notes and tasks via our send function.

How do I contact Shepherd support?

Open the Quick settings menu by clicking on your profile and select “Chat with us”. One of our team members will respond to your query ASAP.

I can't find my notes, what should I do?

Dont stress, we can recover them! Firstly, refresh your browser and take another look for them within Shepherd. If you struggling to find them, open the Quick settings menu by clicking on your profile and select “Chat with us”. Report your problem there and one of our team members will respond to your query ASAP.

Someone deleted a recurring meeting series, how do I find my notes?

Although the scheduled meeting will be removed from your Calendar, your notes will still be stored in Shepherd. Head over to the “All notes” tab and search for your past meeting by title to recover your notes.

Shepherd limitations on the free plan?

You will have access to all Shepherds exclusive features, however, you'll be limited to only 10 meeting notes per month with a restricted search history (60 days past and 7 days ahead).

How do I share my notes with others?

When you're ready, hit the send button on the bottom right of the sidebar (paper plane icon) and select the tool you'll like to send the notes via. Then select what you'd like to share and who you'd like to share this with and fire away by hitting the send button.

I have a feature suggestion for Shepherd, where can I submit this?

We’d love to hear your feedback. You can share and exchange ideas with us by submitting feature requests below. As we grow, we’ll continue to improve Shepherd, and when we have news, we’ll be sure to update you on our blog or social media.

Have a question that is not answered? You can contact us at