Make every meeting

A calendar and video-based app helping
teams set and run more productive meetings.

Join these companies by adding Shepherd
to your team's productivity stack today!

Run productive meetings in one place

No more unproductive and chaotic meetings. Shepherd brings all of your meetings into a single dashboard, easily organised and accessible for you to refer back to in seconds.

Enhanced structure and accountability

Bring more structure to your meetings by quickly creating agendas, taking collaborative & private notes and easily assigning tasks to your team.

Integrate your workflows

Seamlessly connect Shepherd to the tools you love most to make your everyday meetings, team work, and productivity workflows that much better.

Bringing everything together

Our exclusive features

Enrich your meetings with world-class features

An all-in-one

Provide a 'home' for everything related to your meetings. No more toggling between tabs.

Better prepare
for meetings

Create structured agendas and assign tasks to ensure sufficient preparation beforehand.


Assign tasks to attendees to enhance accountability after the meeting is done.

meetings history

Quickly categorise each meeting using our intuitive 'Tags' system.


Learn best practices before, during and after meetings through subtle microlearning nudges.


Integrate with your work calendar and other tools like Slack, Trello, Zoom, and more.

What our partners say

“Shepherd is changing the game by making it easy and enjoyable to run and organise meetings.”

Jan Grønbech
Former CEO Google Norway

“We are so excited about what Shepherd is doing. They're going to revolutionise the way we meet and help companies all around the world, Antler included.”

Magnus Grimeland
Founder & CEO of Antler

"Most meetings waste time and fail to achieve set objectives. Shepherd is on a mission to eliminate inefficiency and help companies focus on outcomes."

Danny Zaitsev
OBOS Smart Living

"I respect the people I meet, but if I lose another 30-mins to collective inefficiency, I'm going to have to start going on a yoga retreat every month."

Johan Bronkhorst
Business Developer

"Being a fully-distributed team, we rely heavily on remote meetings. Shepherd is exactly what we need to run effective meetings."

Gigi Brett

"We find remote meetings extremely tricky. It’s about time a user-friendly tool like Shepherd hit the market!"

Fredrik Thomassen
CEO of Superside