When Should a Meeting Go Ahead?

Person having an online meeting with many people from home

Meetings are crucial in everyday business, but can be more often than not be unproductive. Proper planning ensures success. Here is a list of what needs to be true in order for a meeting to go ahead:

#1 Clear purpose and agenda
Define the goal and desired outcomes of the meeting to ensure it is productive and everyone is on the same page. Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with the meeting before scheduling it and make sure all participants have seen this ahead of time.

#2 Relevant meeting participants
Invite only the relevant people to the meeting for it to be an effective use of time. Avoid inviting participants to cover your own bases as this is an act of selfishness - be selective basedf on the discussion items.

#3 Structured meeting agenda
Create a clear and concise agenda before the meeting to ensure it stays on track and all relevant topics are addressed. The agenda should include the purpose of the meeting, the topics that will be discussed, the names of the attendees, and the duration of the meeting. Once this has been created, ensure all attendees have seen this agenda before the meeting begins.

#4 Allocated time to meet
Plan for an appropriate amount of time for the meeting to avoid it running over time and to ensure everyone has enough time to contribute. Don’t over allocate time for the sake of rounding up to the nearest hour, there’s nothing wrong with a 40-minute meeting.

#5 Communication & meeting preparation
Communication is the backbone of any remote team and this plays a vital role leading up to any meeting. Any materials or items that need to be addressed in the meeting should be communicated in advance to ensure all participants have context and can adequately prepare. 

By considering these factors before a meeting, you can ensure that it is productive and successful. Taking the time to plan a meeting carefully will help to ensure that everyone’s time is used effectively and that the desired outcomes are achieved. Don’t let another meeting go to waste, take the time to plan ahead and achieve desired outcomes.