About Us

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower every remote team to meet productively and collaborate more effectively.

Our Values
Speed - we optimise by moving quickly
Resilience - we embrace setbacks and overcome them
Proactive - we think ahead when making decisions
Empathy - we pass no judgement on others
Playful - we don't take ourselves too seriously

Backed by World Class Investors

Funds: Antler VC, Innovation Norway

Angels: Christian Owens (CEO, Paddle), Mats André Kristiansen (Co-founder, Oda), Chris Moen, Christian Hager, Kea Zhang, Kris Riise, Dave Kitley, Even Heggerness, Erik Hauglid, Mathias Hovet, Ida Bentsen, Lolo Ndlovu, Gareth Roos & Ehssen Qadir.

Our Team

Jamie Gotz

Co-founder & CEO

Harald Lønsethagen

Co-founder & CTO

Tom Filmer

Head of Strategy & Operations


Chief Happiness Officer

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